Copa Kobe Online

The Copa Kobe Online is a simracing rally championship based in rFactor2 organised by Cloud Sport with the seal of quality of Kobe Motor. Registering is free and the championship is formed by three gravel rallies:

The winner of the virtual championship will be able to take part in a real rally in Copa Kobe cup, as long as he is able to obtain his Competition License.

Each rally will have the next format: on Friday reconnaissances (Recces) will take part and on Saturday and Sunday we will hold the timed stages. Each driver will be able to start each stage at the moment they want within those 2 days, but they will only be able to start each stage once. Therefore, if a participant starts a stage but he fails to finish it, because of an accident of any technical issue, this participant will have a DNF at that stage.

Climatologic and track conditions will be the same during the 2 days of timed rally, so nobody will have any advantage for racing earlier or later. Results will be public once the rally is finished. There will be no live timing or live results to avoid drivers delaying their racing to gain an advantage.

Each participant will be free to chose the option of codriver he prefers. Cloud Sport will provide the map of each stage in map plugin for making things easier. Anyway, there are also plugins inside rFactor2 for having a virtual copilot, which can be used, but Cloud Sport is not responsible of any technical issue caused by them. Another option for the participants is to have a real copilot. It could be done in two different ways: taking pacenotes during the reconnaissances which will be read later by him in the rally, like in real life; or the codriver can also be watching the Map Plugin. Both options can be done in the same place onsite or also through the internet entering both persons to the server. There might be more options, so if you have got any doubt, please, don't hesitate to ask.

Register on this web and you'll have access to more options. You'll be able to apply to participate at the Copa Kobe Online, read and download Regulations and Tutorials, enter the drivers' zone, and much more.

We wish you the best of luck and see you on the stages!

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